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Scott C's doctor predicted death, he decided life,  lost 331 pounds

Scott C.

I was 38 years old and was not sure if I would live to see 40. I  weighed 563  pounds and wore size XXXXXXXXXXL pants and could not tie my shoes. I could walk only nine steps at a time. Breathing was sometimes difficult. A doctor said I would be dead in six months without stomach reduction surgery and heavy medication.

I turned down the doctor’s advice, and instead decided to change how my approach to eating by following Dr. Fuhrman’s high nutrient meal plan. I recognizied I had a dire health situation and  the need for aggressive weight loss with optimal therapeutic effects. So I  jumped right into Dr. Fuhrman’s most extreme plan for nutritional excellence. The food provided all the nutrients, protein and vitamins essential for good health.

Now I  never tire of the way I eat as it was designed to include everything a human craves. There are things that are hot, cold, salty, creamy, chewy, spicy, savory, and crisp. I emphasize to everyone that this meal plan is not a diet. In fact, don’t even say that word around me.  After years of trying fad diets to lose weight, the D–word no longer exists in my vocabulary.  It’s not about a goal weight. I’m just doing what’s healthy for my body, and the results follow. I now weigh 170 pounds and enjoy biking 10 to 30 miles daily regardless of the weather.

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