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Lynsey no longer  suffers severe effects of her autoimmune diseases


My deepest thanks to Dr. Fuhrman.  He completely changed my life and my body from the inside out.  After years of feeling sick, I finally had a complete blood panel to find the cause (little did I know then the root cause was my poor eating habits). My blood results showed a myriad of autoimmune antibodies, which eventually led to the diagnosis of Systematic Lupus, Sjogren’s, Hashimotos and Peripheral Neuropathy. In addition to these diseases, I also suffered from a variety of neurological entrapments, such as carpal and radial tunnel, as well as ulnar nerve entrapment. Unable to complete my job duties, I was forced to resign from work, which led to severe depression, anxiety and disturbed sleep patterns.

During one restless late night, while flipping through the channels, I caught Dr. Fuhrman’s lecture on PBS. I was a vegetarian and always assumed I was a healthy eater, but after viewing his program, realized my diet was all wrong; too high in sugar and dairy which was most likely the cause of my pain and disability. Seeing Dr. Fuhrman’s lecture made everything click for me. I owed it to myself and my husband to make the change to his diet program. I purchased Eat to Live the next day.

After completing the six week plan, I lost 20 pounds and was off half my pain medication. After being on the plan for six months, I lost 65 a total of pounds. I enjoy new vibrancy; my skin is clear, my energy’s returned and I even started jogging again, which is something I hadn’t done since college. During my most recent blood test, to my doctor's disbelief, my Anti Nuclear Antibodies went from 640 to 160 and my SSB auto-antibodies went from 36 to 4. All of my other auto-antibodies completely disappeared and my inflammation markers returned to normal! My kidney function was normal, no more spilling protein. My cholesterol went from 221 to 150, my thyroid hormones are now completely normal and my elevated blood pressure returned to well within  normal range. My neurological entrapments disappeared, as did the tingling in my hands and forearms from neuropathic pain. The dry eyes and mouth and most of my Sjogren’s symptoms are gone. I was able to get off all my medications, both for pain, disease modification and anti-depressants. I was on anti-depressants for ten years, and assumed I would be on them the rest of my life. Now that I am off of them, I know a big cause of my anxiety and insomnia was the anti-depressant’s mood altering effects.

I don’t look at Eat to Live as a plan, but rather a way of living life to the fullest. I can’t thank  Dr. Fuhrman enough for my new found health. I look forward to diving deeper into this journey through Fasting for Heath and losing those pesky last ten pounds. Thank's again for everything.


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