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Osteo Biotect (formerly Osteo-Sun)
Vitamins and minerals for strong bones

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  • 100% vegan
  • Each capsule contains 250 IU vegan vitamin D3
  • Each capsule contains 200 mg whole food-based calcium
  • Additional bone supporting nutrients: magnesium and vitamin K2
  • No gluten-containing ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • Manufactured by a GMP certified and FDA-regulated facility
  • Packaged in post consumer resin (PCR)

Adequate calcium and vitamin D throughout life, along with physical activity, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life.

A healthful diet rich in green vegetables, beans and seeds plus strength-building exercise forms the foundation for healthy bones. Osteo Biotect was designed to complement these healthy behaviors with essential bone-supportive micronutrients. Each capsule supplies 250 IU vegan vitamin D3 and 200 mg calcium, so 1-3 capsules can be used, depending on each person’s individual requirements. Adequate calcium and vitamin D throughout life, along with physical activity, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life.

Calcium and magnesium are structural components of bone
The minerals calcium and magnesium are important for providing structure to bone tissue. Most (over 99 percent) of the body’s calcium and more than half of the body’s magnesium is stored in the bones and teeth. Calcium and phosphorus are part of the major structural molecule (hydroxyapatite) that makes up bone, and magnesium is present on the surface of that molecule. Calcium and magnesium are found in abundance in whole plant foods, however a small amount of supplementation may be appropriate, especially for some women, since calcium absorption decreases after menopause and some women may have a smaller appetite for greens.

Vitamin K2
Both Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2 are involved in chemical reactions that control bone formation. Vitamin K in general promotes bone health via interactions with calcium, but it has been noted that K2 is particularly effective, not only for protection against bone loss, but also to protects the cardiovascular system from calcification. Clinical trials have shown benefits for bone density and bone strength in women taking K2 supplements. Vitamin K1 is plentiful in leafy greens, but vitamin K2 is difficult to get on a vegan or near vegan diet. The dose of K2 in Osteo Biotect complements the Vitamin K1 containing foods you eat to assure optimal K2 intake without providing excess.

Vitamin D, calcium and bone health
By promoting calcium absorption, vitamin D helps to form and maintain strong bones. Research also suggests that vitamin D is important to maintain healthy immune and cardiovascular systems. It also has anti-cancer effects. Osteo Biotect provides a small amount of vitamin D and can be used in addition to other supplements when more is needed. My Women’s Daily Formula + D3 multivitamin contains 2000 IU vitamin D3 or my Gentle Care Formula multivitamin, which contains 1000 IU vitamin D. Women can combine 1-3 capsules Osteo Biotect with one of these multivitamins to customize their vitamin D and calcium dose and reach the 30-45 ng/ml sweet spot of blood vitamin D levels.

How much calcium should I take?
Calcium-rich greens, beans and seeds are staples of my dietary recommendations. Since menopause is accompanied by increased calcium loss, and less calcium is absorbed with aging, my Women’s Daily Formula + D3 multivitamin supplies 200 mg of food-derived calcium as an extra bit of insurance to assure optimal intake (Men’s Daily Formula does not contain calcium, and Gentle Care Formula and Gentle Prenatal each contain only 100 mg).

Many women are advised to take high-dose (1000 mg or more) calcium supplements to maintain bone health. However, as with most micronutrients, the vast majority of the calcium in one’s diet should be provided by plant foods, not supplements. Calcium is plentiful in natural foods, and high-dose calcium supplements are not superior to lower doses for bone health and have been linked to increased risk of heart attack.

The calcium and some of the magnesium in Osteo Biotect is provided in the form of certified organic whole powdered seaweed, harvested off the West coast of Ireland and Northwest coast of Iceland. This unique supplement contains food-derived calcium in a low dose (200 mg per capsule), to replicate the absorption from calcium-containing foods. Scientists now think the body handles supplemental calcium and food calcium differently, mostly because of the large calcium load that can spike in the bloodstream, having negative effects, not seen with the slower absorption from calcium-containing foods. Using this supplement with its relatively low amount of food derived calcium solves this issue. It is also best to split the dose, and take the supplement with meals for a gradual impact on blood levels of calcium.

Osteo Biotect is designed for women looking to prevent bone loss with aging, especially those whose intake of high-calcium foods is marginal.

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