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Our eBooks are copy-protected and must be read using either Adobe® Digital Editions or software that is compatible with Adobe DRM (note: Adobe Digital Editions IS NOT Adobe Reader). You must register your eBook purchase with an Adobe ID in order to read our DRM-protected content (see “How do I download my eBook purchase?” below, for more information). We've also put together a few frequently asked questions to help you with your eBook purchase:

What is an eBook?

The term eBook refers to an electronic version of a printed book. eBooks can be read on a variety of devices in addition to eReader software on devices such as mobile phones and personal computers.

eReader Devices are hardware devices that function primarily to display eBooks (Sony Reader, B&N Nook, Kobo, Pocketbook, for example).

eReader Software is a program that allows the reading of eBooks (or non-native eBook formats) on additional hardware devices, such as personal computers or mobile phones. An example of eReader software is the free Bluefire app which is designed to read ePUB format books on Apple devices.

The most important consideration when purchasing an eBook is what device you intend to purchase the eBook for. eBooks in ePUB and PDF format may be read on several eReader devices. The Amazon Kindle uses the MobiPocket file format (the Kindle format is available from the Kindle Store at Amazon.com). All Apple™ devices with the Bluefire app installed can readePub and PDF files. All Android devices with the Aldiko app installed can read ePub and PDF files.

What is Adobe DRM?

Our eBooks contain Adobe digital rights management (Adobe DRM) protection that restricts the items from being shared with others. Adobe DRM helps ensure that your eBooks and other digital publications are not "locked" on one computer. They are assigned to you through an Adobe ID, and can be viewed on any compatible device you own that you activate with that Adobe ID.

Which format should I purchase?

The eBook format you choose must be compatible with your computer, handheld device or eReader operating system, and the reader software you use.

Most eBook Readers (iPad, Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, Pocketbook, etc) will support the ePub version (be sure to consult your device’s manual to confirm and for additional instructions on how to transfer the ePub from your computer to your device), however, if you are planning on reading your eBook on a smartphone, we recommend that you purchase the PDF version. If you have both types of devices, you may wish to purchase both versions. If you are planning to read your eBook on a computer, you may choose either the ePub or PDF version; however, we recommend the ePub version for the best reading experience.

Looking for a Kindle version? You can purchase these titles in the MobiPocket version for the Kindle from the Kindle Store at Amazon.com. You can also find these titles at the Nook Book Store.

How do I download my eBook purchase?

Once you complete the purchase of an eBook, you will receive an email with a link to claim that book in “My eLibrary.” You will need to use your Member Center account (or you will be prompted to create a free DrFuhrman.com account if you don't have a Member Center account) so that you can claim and download your eBook. Your DrFuhrman.com account will enable you to re-download your purchase from “My eLibrary,” at any time, in the event that you lose your original eBook download or wish to download it to a new device (you may download a single eBook to up to 6 devices).

Additionally, since our eBooks are rights protected with Adobe DRM, you will also be required to create a free Adobe ID to read your eBook. You can create your Adobe ID when prompted within Adobe Digital Editions or go directly to Adobe.com, select “My Adobe” in the top-right corner, then click on “My Adobe ID” and follow the instructions for creating an Adobe ID.

What software do I need to view my eBook?
Be sure that the required eReader software for your device is installed before you download your eBook. Use the links below to download and install the appropriate reader software for your device if one is not already installed:
  • PC or Mac: Adobe Digital Editions
  • iOS device (iPad, iPod, iPhone): Bluefire Reader
  • Android device: Aldiko or any other reader that supports Adobe DRM
  • eReader device (Nook, Sony Reader, etc): doesn't require software to read the eBook, but, the device must be able to support Adobe DRM and the ePub format (consult your device’s manual to confirm). You will need to download your eBook to a PC or Mac first and use Adobe Digital Editions to transfer it to your eReader (consult your device’s manual for additional instructions on how to transfer your downloaded eBook from your computer to your device).

Eat for Health eBook Cover Image
Eat for Health
Lose Weight • Keep It Off • Look Younger • Live Longer
eBook — ePDF and ePub versions
Eat for Health places more focus on achieving overall health and less focus on weight loss. In Eat for Health, Dr. Fuhrman invites readers to transition gradually into his Nutritarian eating style and to retrain their taste to prefer healthier faire. Eat for Health provides meal plan options, based on your health needs and current dietary habits, with three levels of superior nutrition. Each level comes complete with 4 weeks of sample menus and a total of 150 recipes for those who are new to cooking high-nutrient dishes. These varied meal plans offer you the ability to begin where you are comfortable and to progress at your own pace. This is the perfect introductory book to Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritional science. MORE DETAILS

ePDF or ePub version:
Both versions:
After you purchase an eBook, you’ll receive instructions on how to claim your purchase and download it.

Nutritarian Handbook eBook Cover Image
Nutritarian Handbook and ANDI Food Scoring Guide
eBook — ePDF and ePub versions
A concise instructional guide to the Nutritarian™ diet with a comprehensive list of ANDI scores which rank foods according to micronutrients per calorie to guide you toward making the best food choices. This quick reference guide also offers side-by-side analysis of SAD and Nutritarian meals.

ePDF or ePub version:
Both versions:
After you purchase an eBook, you’ll receive instructions on how to claim your purchase and download it.

Disease-Proof Your Child eBook Cover Image
Disease-Proof Your Child
Feeding Kids Right
eBook — ePDF and ePub versions
Disease-Proof Your Child provides nutrient-rich dietary recommendations for children and offers guidelines and recipes that get even the pickiest eaters to enjoy healthy food. Dr. Fuhrman explains how a Nutritarian diet increases a child’s resistance to common childhood illnesses like asthma, ear infections, and allergies. Additionally, he presents the fascinating science that demonstrates how eating his high nutrient diet during childhood is the most powerful weapon against developing cancer, cardiovascular disease, and autoimmune disorders in the future. MORE DETAILS

ePDF or ePub version:
Both versions:
After you purchase an eBook, you’ll receive instructions on how to claim your purchase and download it.

Required reading for Dr. Fuhrman's Nutritional Education Certification Program.

Fasting and Eating for Health eBook Cover Image
Fasting and Eating for Health
A Medical Doctor’s Program For Conquering Disease
eBook — ePDF and ePub versions
This book is unlike any other on fasting. It integrates this age-old health practice with state-of-the-art medical research to provide a complete diet and fasting program that will help relieve and even cure such maladies as psoriasis, high blood pressure, diabetes, hypoglycemia, sinusitis, and chronic fatigue.

ePDF or ePub version:
Both versions:
After you purchase an eBook, you’ll receive instructions on how to claim your purchase and download it.

Required reading for Dr. Fuhrman's Nutritional Education Certification Program.

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