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DrFuhrman.com's Member Support Center features a special Ask the Doctor Forum, where Dr. Fuhrman and his medical staff will answer the questions of greatest interest to the members. Learn from the questions and answers submitted by other members, and also submit questions of your own!

When you "Ask the Doctor" at DrFuhrman.com, not only do you get your medical, health and nutritional questions answered by a board-certified family physician -- you get much more.

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Ask the doctor a question on the phone during the group teleseminars and learn from Dr. Fuhrman's phone discussions, each covering a vital topic of interest.

Dr. Fuhrman hosts live monthly teleseminars as a feature of the Member Center which is only available for members. Each month Dr. Fuhrman offers members to opportunity to hear about current health topics and to ask question.

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Dr. Fuhrman is a practicing family physician in Flemington, New Jersey. He sees patients by appointment only.
Telephone appointments are available if an office visit to Dr. Fuhrman's New Jersey practice is not possible.
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Joel Fuhrman, M.D. is a nationally recognized nutritional expert, board-certified family physician, and author of Eat To Live, Disease Proof Your Child, Cholesterol Protection For Life, and Fasting and Eating for Health.