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Do Vegetables Lose Nutritional Value When We Cook Them?
We should eat a variety of raw and cooked vegetables, because some nutrients are lost with heat, whereas others are made more bioavailable.

Whole Grains, Rice and Arsenic
Eat a healthful variety of whole grains, and follow these guidelines to minimize arsenic exposure from whole grain rice.

Soup—A Nutritarian Diet Essential
A cornerstone of the Nutritarian diet, vegetable and bean soups are nutrient-rich, flavorful, and easy to prepare. This gentle cooking technique retains water soluble vitamins and makes some nutrients more absorbable.

Make the Salad the Main Dish—and the Dressing Is Crucial!
Large salads are effective for weight loss and eating them provides powerful health benefits. Top your salads with nut- or seed-based dressings to maximize your nutrient absorption.

Set Your Sights on Carrots—and Greens

The beta-carotene in carrots is an important nutrient for eye health, and there are additional carotenoids found in leafy green vegetables that protect the retina and promote good vision.

The Benefits of Berries, Cherries and Pomegranates

Berries, cherries and pomegranates are powerful, health promoting foods rich in flavonoid antioxidant compounds.

HOT Grilling Safety Tips
Grilling is a cornerstone of outdoor eating, but turning up the heat can create harmful substances. Learn what foods to select or avoid and how to prepare your foods alfresco while minimizing your risks.

Do Cruciferous Vegetables Harm the Thyroid?
Articles have circulated the internet claiming that eating cruciferous vegetables suppresses thyroid function. Is there any truth to these rumors?

During Cold & Flu Season, Protect Yourself By Eating Right
Those of us who eat healthfully need not worry about the dangers of the flu.

Which is Better for my Health, a Green Juice or a Green Smoothie?
Vegetable juices and green smoothies (also called blended salads) both have a place in the Nutritarian diet. Both are great ways to get more raw leafy greens into your diet, in addition to your usual salads.

Beans: the Ideal Carbohydrate
Beans are the ideal starchy food. They promote weight loss because they are low-glycemic and satiating, and they are also associated with reduced risk of diabetes and colon cancer.

Basics of Nutritarian Cooking
Nutritarian cooking can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Learn how to master the essential Nutritarian food preparation techniques: soups, salads and smoothies.

Powerful Disease Protection from Pomegranate
Research suggests that pomegranate’s unique and potent antioxidant capacity provides protection against heart disease, cancer and cognitive impairment.

Artificially-flavored pumpkin foods are all over the place this fall. Pass them by and instead, learn how to enjoy the wonderful flavors and health benefits of real pumpkins.

Enjoy the Fall Apple Harvest
Juicy and delicious, apples are a fall tradition and also offer some unique health benefits.

Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, and Seeds

Going Nuts for Figs
Many Americans are only familiar with dried figs, but fresh figs are a nutrient-rich and delicious treat available in the summer and fall seasons. Dr. Fuhrman explains the nutritional benefits and varieties of figs, and how you can even grow them yourself.

Devastating Bee Losses Threaten the Food Supply
In recent years, you have most likely heard about Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a mysterious and devastating loss of bee colonies in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Tomatoes Protect Against Heart Attack and Stroke
Lycopene is a carotenoid that is known to benefit prostate health. Less known are the protective effects of lycopene-rich tomatoes against heart disease and stroke.

Carotenoids: Antioxidants that Promote Longevity
Carotenoids are yellow, orange, and red pigments present in fruits and vegetables. They give the skin a healthy glow and defend the body's tissues against oxidative damage, helping to prevent chronic diseases and premature aging.

Mediterranean Pine Nuts
They are rich sources of numerous health- promoting minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals.

Choosing the Right Cinnamon: A Spice and a Supplement
Coumarin, a naturally occurring toxin in some cinnamon, has the potential to damage the liver in high doses. That is why it is important to know which type of cinnamon is in your foods.

Foods that Fight Breast Cancer
Following a high-nutrient diet protects against many chronic diseases, breast cancer included.

Onions and Garlic are Anti-Cancer Foods
Epidemiological studies have found that increased consumption of Allium vegetables is associated with decreased risk of several cancers.

Anti-Cancer Foods: Cruciferous Vegetables
Nutrition scientists have shown over and over that people who eat more natural plant foods – vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds, etc. – are less likely to be diagnosed with cancer. But are all vegetables equally protective?

Cancer Protection - Go Cruciferous!
Do you want to protect yourself? Eat lots of colorful vegetables, specifically including lots of green cruciferous vegetables.

Nutrient Density - Get the biggest bang for the calorie buck.
Dr. Fuhrman provides a comprehensive breakdown of nutrient density, including a nutrient density food chart.

Secrets Revealed: The Powerful Health Benefits of the Pomegranate
There's more to these red fruit than meets the eye.

Blueberries Are One of Nature's Best Foods!
Learn about the many benefits of consuming healthy amounts of blueberries.

Ten Best and Worst Foods for Health and Longevity
Food choices that will have a dramatic impact on your health.  

Organic vs. Conventional Foods
Is it dangerous to eat more fruits and vegetables because of the increased consumption of pesticides? Do I have to buy organic?



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