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 Diseases and Diet  
weight loss imageTelomeres are Central to the Aging Process
Telomeres play a critical role in health and their shortening is associated with certain diseases and biological aging. Diet and lifestyle choices can influence telomere length.

Poor Diet is the Major Cause of Premature Death Worldwide
Worldwide, poor dietary habits are now the leading cause of premature death and loss of quality life years.

Does Diet Influence Seasonal Allergies?
In seasonal allergies, the immune system inappropriately recognizes pollens as harmful invaders, leading to inflammation and cold-like symptoms. Certain dietary factors may help to lessen seasonal allergy symptoms.

High Blood Pressure Increases Dementia Risk
The small arteries of the brain are sensitive to elevations in blood pressure, and long-term hypertension carries the risk of injury to these small vessels, impairing blood flow and resulting in damage to or atrophy of brain tissue. As such, high blood pressure is hazardous to the brain, contributing to the development of vascular dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, and cognitive impairment

Diabetes Epidemic Set to Potentially Cripple our Healthcare System
More than 40 percent of American adults age 20 years and older have hyperglycemic condition according to a review of data from the 2005-2006 National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey from the National Institute of Health

Eat For Health -- The Anti-Cancer Diet
The most recent scientific advancement in the anti-cancer research is the identification of specific foods and food elements that offer powerful protection against cancer. The purpose of this article is to review some of these recent findings so people can take action now to dramatically lower their risk of all cancers and in particular colon cancer.

Naturally and Healthyfully Lowering Blood Pressure
Dr. Fuhrman's approach to lowering blood pressure beats out conventional hypertension drug treatment.

Reverse Heart Disease without Meds
The sad thing is surgical interventions and medications are the foundation of modern cardiology and both are relatively ineffective compared to nutritional excellence.

Reversing Diabetes: Harnessing the Power Within Ourselves
If Janice and hundreds of others can do it, so can you!

High Nutrient Diet Reverses Diabetes
In this case study Dr. Fuhrman describes the effectiveness of a high nutrient, dietary approach in reversing diabetes. It is NOT sufficient to treat the symptoms. You must remove the underlying cause. Diabetics are simply more susceptible to the consequences of the typical American diet.

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