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Exploding Epidemic Set to Potentially
Cripple our Healthcare System

Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Tops 40 percent of US Adults

More than 40 percent of American adults age 20 years and older have hyperglycemic condition according to a review of data from the 2005-2006 National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey from the National Institute of Health (Diabetes Care 2009;32:287-294.)

The magnitude of these findings predict an incredible burden on our health care system in the next 20 years with dramatic increases in heart disease, heart failure, blindness, kidney disease, circulatory problems and amputations.

With the exploding number of type 2 diabetics due to the rise in obesity, more and more physicians are called on to care for these patients.  Physicians prescribe drugs that attempt to lower the dangerously high glucose levels, the high cholesterol and triglycerides levels and the high blood pressure typically seen in diabetics.  Doctors are continually attempting to target these "risky" numbers that are predictors of damage and or a premature death. 

What is wrong with this scenario is that the treatment of diabetes with medication gives a false sense of security to those with diabetes.  Patients think they are fine now that their glucose levels are somewhat better controlled under the care of their well-meaning physicians.  Furthermore, the conventional treatment of this problem with oral medications and insulin often leads to weight gain and advancement or gradual worsening of the pancreatic insufficiency over time.  The patients become more diabetic and need more medications as time goes on.  The result is disastrous. 

What they do not know is that while trying to "control" their diabetes with drugs they continue to damage their organs and heart.  Medications give a false sense of security, providing implicit permission to continue the same disease-causing diet and lifestyle that allowed the development of diabetes.  Inevitably, the patients worsen, develop complications, and die young.  The tragedy is that all this suffering is unnecessary; adult onset diabetes can be effectively and relatively quickly reversed in over 90% of patients.

The answer is not more medical care or better medical care.  The key is nutritional excellence and understanding of food addiction and food cravings, with careful attention to micronutrient density of the diet-style and exercise.   The patients find that they no longer have food cravings, are comfortable eating less and are enjoying their new diet-style and new found health more.  The moderate dietary changes prescribed by most physicians, dieticians and recommended by the American Diabetic Association never result in diabetic reversal and are inadequate.  These moderate dietary improvements and adjustments are almost worthless.

My motto is:

Don't just treat your diabetes

Don't just control your diabetes

Instead, make the commitment to get rid of it!

My nutritional and exercise prescription for diabetic and pre-diabetic patients has resulted in the majority of patients becoming non-diabetic.  If you know anyone who has pre-diabetic (fasting glucose level above 100) or diabetic (fasting glucose above 120), they should be informed that they can get well and live a normal life without the medical complications and shortened lifespan. 

My Eat For Health book has resulted in thousands of people losing dramatic amounts of weight and hundreds of people reversing their diabetes.  The book has made it possible for people to realize the miraculous health benefits of nutritional excellence even without being able to see me as a patient. The success rate is extraordinary and evident by the high conversion factor of Eat For Health readers.  The conversion factor is the percentage of people who have read the book and who actually report that it has motivated them to make significant and permanent change in their diet-style and lifestyle to bring them improved health.  With the additional support and information available through the Member Support Center at readers experience remarkable results and the diabetic successes are just as remarkable as people who personally come to my office as patients.

These are a sample of letters I receive from people who have reclaimed their health and reversed their diabetes.  If you or someone you know is pre-diabetic or diabetic, I hope this information is encouraging and I look forward to hearing about your success too!

Yours to Good Health,
fuhrman signature

Dear Dr. Fuhrman,

About four to five months ago, my husband, who was quite overweight, was diagnosed with diabetes. His blood sugar and cholesterol were extremely high. His A1C hemoglobin was 12.7. The doctor gave him no instructions on diet and referred him to another doctor. My husband immediately started to research the topic on the internet and found out about Dr. Fuhrman's plan. He followed the plan exactly and by the time he saw the referral doctor (just 3-4 weeks later), his blood results were normal. He continues to follow Dr. Fuhrman's plan, and tests his glucose regularly. It remains normal, as do his follow-up blood exams at the doctor. He has lost 65 pounds!

If I hadn't seen this with my own eyes, I would not have believed it.

Last week, I got the results of my blood test. Because I mentioned that my joints hurt, the doctor ran an ANA test. It came back positive with an extremely high titer. I am planning to see a rheumatologist soon so that a diagnosis can be made (Lupus? R.A.?, who knows?). I also started following Dr. Fuhrman's plan and will let you know how this turns out.

In any event, I am extremely grateful that you wrote Eat to Live which helped my husband so much.

~ Daisy

I was diagnosed late November, 2006 with diabetes. My fasting blood sugar level at the time was 160. My weight was 218 pounds. I have been pre–diabetic for some time, along with a strong family history of the disease in my family.

I took this news as a personal death wish. Being a pharmacist, I knew the long term complications and risks that diabetes carries. I became determined to not let this diagnosis doom me to a life of medication and routine insulin shots.

My wife found Dr. Fuhrman's book when she was browsing through the health section at our local book store. It was a godsend.

While I have never been a big red meat eater, the thought of evolving my diet from a chicken and fish diet to the ultimate goal of a primarily plant based diet seemed like a huge challenge. However, I was determined to beat diabetes at any cost.
I am proud to say that Dr. Fuhrman saved my life with his eating program. My latest test results speak for themselves. . . Cholesterol (total) 139, LDL 79, HDL 49, Blood pressure 110/75, Weight 172, A1C 5.3 (avg BS fasting 94).

The only downside to this experience (if you call it that) was my need to buy a new wardrobe. My waist size dropped from 38 inches to 33 inches. My large shirts now hang on me like a trash bag! I have lost the fat face that you see in my 'before' photo.

I am so grateful to Dr. Fuhrman for giving me the means to change my life and become healthy. I am a new man!

~ Steve


To learn more about reversing type 2 diabetes, and living healthfully with type 1 diabetes, read Dr. Fuhrman's book The End of Diabetes.

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