June 2006 - Issue: 4

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Dr. Fuhrman's Tip of the Month

Each day the media presents horrific news of death and destruction caused by war, terrorism, and other violence. It virtually ignores a silent but much more deadly enemy . . . heart disease.

More than 1.5 million people will have a heart attack this year, with 1 million deaths resulting from heart attacks (or a death every 30 seconds). When it comes to combating heart disease, most information sources promote drugs and surgery as the only viable defenses. We need to keep in mind that angioplasty and bypass surgery have some significant adverse outcomes, including heart attacks, stroke and death. Most people treated with such interventions continue to suffer from, and eventually die from, heart disease. The average person is not aware that there are safer, more effective options available.

Fortunately, we can win the war against heart disease by making a few simple, but profound, dietary and lifestyle changes. In fact, if you start early enough, you can make yourself heart attack proof. Almost everyone can protect themselves against heart disease by accomplishing three simple goals:

  1. LDL cholesterol level of 100 or lower
  2. Healthful weight
  3. Unmedicated, normal blood pressure

These goals are attainable without expensive and risky prescription drugs. My high-nutrient, vegetable-based diet has enabled patients to achieve remarkable reductions in these cardiac risk factors. Iin addition to dietary changes I recommend an all-natural, side-effect free nutritional supplement, for those who need some extra help getting their LDL below 100. I have designed my own called LDL Protect, proven to be safe and effective.

Make the vow to be heart attack–proof and join our army battling against heart disease.

- Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

To learn more about reversing and preventing heart disease, read Dr. Fuhrman’s Healthy Times Newsletter Issue No. 10.

June Menu

A Father's Day Feast

Vegetable Bean Burritos

Tossed Salad with Apple/Almond Dressing

Roasted Vegetables

Healthy Banana Split

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Food for Thought

Lowering Cholesterol/Blood Pressure

Cholesterol is a waxy fat produced by the body and found in animal foods such as meat, fowl, dairy and eggs. Eating cholesterol raises blood cholesterol, but not as much as eating saturated fats and trans fats.

Scientific studies provide evidence that animal protein’s effect on blood cholesterol may be significant. This is one of the reasons those switching to a low-fat diet do not experience the cholesterol lowering they expect unless they also greatly reduce the low-fat animal products as well. Surprising to most people is that yes, even low-fat dairy and skinless white-meat chicken raise cholesterol. Regarding cholesterol, there is no significant advantage to eating lean white instead of lean red meat.

Americans already consume 40% of calories from animal products, whereas populations with few or no heart attacks consume much less. As animal product consumption approaches 10% or less of total calories and when high fiber vegetables, beans and raw nuts increase, we see heart attacks almost disappear. For any diet program to claim it is "heart healthy", it must reduce both refined carbohydrate and animal products.

The amount of cholesterol in plants is so negligible that you should consider them cholesterol–free. The Eat To Live vegetable, fruit, nut, and bean-based diet has been shown to be the most effective cholesterol-lowering dietary approach in medical history. This newsworthy data with the potential to save millions of lives has been ignored by the mass media. With this dietary approach, most patients drop their total cholesterol below 150 and LDL below 100, without the need for medications.

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Recipe of the Month

Vegetable Bean Burritos

These bean burritos are sure to be a hit, not only on Father’s Day, but any day! The saying, "the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach" will prove true when he takes a bite of this heart–healthy main dish. Filled with nutritional, heart–happy veggies and beans, he’ll know you love him and keep coming back for more. The secret ingredient that makes these taste extra special? Cashew nuts....another nutritional benefit to eating these burritos!


Joseph struggled with high blood pressure and cholesterol for many years, and despite taking a regiment of Lipitor he could not normalize his numbers. After his cardiologist recommended doubling his dosage of medication, Joseph turned to the Eat to Live plan for answers. The results produced by the Eat to Live plan are nothing short of astounding. Not only did Joe see a dramatic reduction in his cholesterol levels, and blood pressure, but he also lost over 20 pounds! Now, instead of facing the prospect of taking more medication, Joe faced the possibility of getting off medication all together!

DFO Online Member

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What's Cooking at Dr. Fuhrman's?

Cholesterol Protection for Life
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Dr. Fuhrman’s book, Cholesterol Protection for Life, clearly outlines the methods that he recommends to naturally protect against heart attacks, without the risks of costly medications and surgery. The second edition of this popular book is now available with additional heart-healthy recipes, more clarifying definitions, and other enhancements in response to reader requests.

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Health and Science Facts

Women face an even greater risk for cardiovascular disease than men, but the word has been slow to get out.

  • 38% of women compared with 25% of men will die within one year after a heart attack – American Heart Association
  • Women who have heart bypass surgery are far more likely than their male counterparts to die within days or weeks of their operations. Infections may be the cause. – Archives of Internal Medicine, Feb. 27

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