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A Medical Student Studies a New Type of Medicine
by Michael Mantz

I have had the opportunity to intern in Dr. Fuhrman’s office over the past few months shadowing him and observing him with every patient. I have seen first-hand what nutritional excellence can achieve to create superior health and disease reversal/prevention. I had spent time in the office with many physicians who utilize conventional care for a year prior to my internship with Dr. Fuhrman. Patients would come in and out in less than 15 minutes and they usually were prescribed several pharmaceutical drugs to mask/cover up their symptoms. Patients from these doctors never recovered their health because the causes of their problems were never addressed. The underlying theme was always that their patients were genetically damaged goods who needed to be on drugs for the rest of their lives. I felt a sense of gloom about the prognosis of the human race every night that I came home. I thought we must be destined by our genes to suffer miserably with drugs and medical procedures as we age. Luckily, I learned otherwise.

If you live in the United States and you’re from a family of five people, chances are that between two to three people in your family will die from a heart attack or stroke. High cholesterol is a prime indicator that a person is damaging their circulatory system and is on the road to a premature death. Millions of Americans have high cholesterol and despite some of their efforts to change their diet to one they think is ‘healthy’ - they can’t seem to get their cholesterol down. Under new guidelines set by the National Institute of Health, 36 million Americans are targeted for cholesterol lowering drugs. Are we just destined for a premature death if we don’t take drugs? Not only do cholesterol lowering drugs come with a host of side effects, but they can cause serious disease, including muscle injury and kidney failure.

A Typical Day for Dr. Fuhrman—But Not For Me

I do not think other physicians have any idea that they can dramatically lower their patients’ cholesterol without placing them at serious risk of danger with drugs. In one day at Dr. Fuhrman’s office I see many patients who routinely dramatically lower their cholesterol. I wrote this article to illustrate what I observed in just one day last week.

We saw about ten patients that day for various conditions. Dr. Fuhrman spends lots of time with each patient. Five of the ten had come for their return visit because they had seen Dr. Fuhrman earlier about dangerously high cholesterol levels. Meet Peggy, Eugene, Keith, Maria and Peter. All five of these people suffered from high LDL levels (the so-called bad cholesterol).

Not only was their cholesterol in the danger zone, but each patient had reported numerous health problems. Peggy suffered from chronic anemia, Eugene was tired all the time, Keith had chronic heart burn and allergies and Maria had become severely ill from a statin drug prescribed to her by her earlier physician. Peter had angioplasty and bypass surgery that had failed. The treated vessels had closed up again and he could not walk even one block when he began treatment with Dr. Fuhrman. These five patients needed help and they realized that prescription drugs were risky and not the answer.

I have now seen Dr. Fuhrman give advice to many patients. He had discussed with all five of these patients at their first visit that they were in grave danger of being a part of the 51% of Americans who die each year from heart attacks and strokes. He went into detail how each of their diets had already created vulnerable plaque lining their blood vessels, placing them at risk for suffering and an untimely death. He also spoke to them about their sedentary lifestyles and how exercising daily is an important part of their prescription. In many cases, he emphasized that exercise would do more for them than taking drugs.

He prescribed to each of them a class of powerful cholesterol lowering substances: fruits, (especially berries) vegetables (especially green ones), beans, and certain nuts and seeds. Dr. Fuhrman helped them with their menu planning and even gave them recipes to make a gourmet meal. I learned about the natural cholesterol lowering compounds in these natural foods, and which foods had the most potent cholesterol lowering ability. He made sure each patient did regular exercise commensurate with their ability and lifestyle. They also took Dr. Fuhrman’s multiple (Gentle Care Formula) and his LDLprotect formula.

The results were astounding. Astounding because every patient we saw achieved similar dramatic improvements. Here are the blood work results both before seeing Dr. Fuhrman and after their second visit about 6 weeks later. I copied these readings from the patients’ charts. Keep in mind, this was just the start, more improvements are yet to come with more time.

Observing Patients Recover

All five of these patients followed Dr. Fuhrman’s advice and stuck to the program. Not only did they wipe out their cardiovascular high-risk status, but many of their other problems have begun to clear. Peggy’s anemia went away. , Eugene was no longer fatigued. Keith’s heartburn never reoccurred, he stopped his antacids and acid-blocking medication, his allergies already started to improve. Peter could not walk half a block without chest pain, and now he walks over 2.5 miles a day and experiences no pain. His angina is gone.

Each patient came back into Dr. Fuhrman’s office like a proud child who had won a school contest. They were enthusiastic about life again. Sure, in some cases, there were some dietary hurdles to overcome after switching from a dairy/meat/processed grain diet to one that is vegetable/fruit based, rich in nutrients and phytochemicals, but they were all temporary. All the patients enjoyed eating this way. They were learning to enjoy the new tastes and smells, the new found energy, the motivation to do more and to lead a more fulfilled life.

In the past, after spending a 9+ hour day shadowing a doctor, I would usually feel extremely tired and beat. Seeing sick patient after sick patient with little positive change from visit to visit is hard to take after a while. Working with Dr. Fuhrman, however, is quite a different story. After a day with him, I’m left feeling energized. It’s so refreshing to see his sick patients get well again. The patients I see in his office are proof positive of the natural law of self-healing. I observed that the human body is not a defective machine that needs drugs and medications, but is instead the most magnificent machine ever constructed on the planet. When given the proper diet and some regular physical activity, it has an amazing ability to cure itself of almost any problem and return back to an amazing level of health and vitality.

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Retired teacher Age 64

  Before After
Total Cholesterol  249  150
Triglycerides  169  105
LDL  157  80
HDL  58  49
Weight  184  152


Airline Pilot Age 53

  Before After
Total Cholesterol  247  156
Triglycerides  72  42
LDL  191  104
HDL  51  44
Weight  173  159

Orchestra Musician age 52

  Before After
Total Cholesterol  237  158
Triglycerides  165  79
LDL  152  99
HDL  52  43.5
Weight  172  155

Retired Executive Age 65

  Before After
Total Cholesterol  283  168
Triglycerides  90  79
LDL  192  98
HDL  91  52
Weight  124  123

Chiropractor Age 67

  Before  After
Total Cholesterol  164 (on Zocor)  126 (off Zocor)
Triglycerides  210  179
LDL  119  54
HDL  32  36
Weight  180  162