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Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women and cancer is the second leading cause of death in women, following heart disease. There are different types of breast cancer and each one is complex with many contributing factors.

Fortunately, there are environmental factors within our control that can help women minimize their risks for developing breast and other cancers as well as cardiovascular disease and other health issues. Follow these 10 strategies to not only help prevent breast cancer, but to also protect your current and future health overall.

The Nutritional Research Foundation (NRF) was established to investigate the power of superior nutrition to prevent and reverse chronic disease. The NRF is committed to changing the foundation of medical care and we are currently planning and conducting clinical trials to show that not only can nutritional interventions work, but that they can work powerfully.

The NRF will soon be conducting a Nutritarian Women’s Health Study that will evaluate the cancer risk reduction associated with eating a high-nutrient diet. This is a long-term study that will collect data on thousands of women who are committed to following a Nutritarian or nutrient-dense diet and will track their health parameters, including breast cancer incidence.

If you are a woman that follows the Nutritarian diet, you are invited to participate in this study. If interested, register by submitting your email address to the Nutritional Research Foundation’s website and you will be contacted in the near future with more detailed information and study requirements.

Vaz lost a significant amount of weight before, but was never able to keep it off for long. Then, by watching Dr. Fuhrman’s PBS program, “3-Steps to Incredible Health,” he learned not just how to achieve his ideal weight, but also how to sustain it for the rest of his life. So pleased with his success, he now helps others to achieve their weight-loss and health goals. Read how Vaz finally ended his struggle with dieting—and is now is a role model and advocate for others!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase the awareness of the disease and promote early detection. Dr. Fuhrman, on the other hand, recognizes October as breast cancer prevention month and wants to encourage women to take dietary and lifestyle steps to prevent this common disease from occurring in the first place.

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Despite our best intentions, there are dangers that well-meaning parents inflict on their children—without even being aware of it.

Certainly, we would never mean to do anything other than the very best for our children but, every day, in small ways, we may be causing harm to their precious little bodies. How does this happen? Through the choices we make in what we decide to feed them.

Despite the abundance of scientific evidence demonstrating the benefits of whole soy foods, many people have been scared off from healthful foods like edamame by anti-soy propaganda. However, research has shown overwhelmingly that whole and minimally processed soy foods such as edamame, tofu, and tempeh provide meaningful health benefits and protection from cancer.

Talia is Dr. Fuhrman’s oldest child and parents of picky, junk food craving children will enjoy her words of reflection and encouragement as she recounts some of her experiences of having been brought up in a healthy food environment and the positive outcomes and attitude she attributes to it today.

Prostate cancer is very common, especially as men advance in age. A diet high in onions, cooked tomatoes, cruciferous and yellow and orange vegetables and low in dairy, meat, and processed foods is known to be protective. Other healthful lifestyle factors are protective as well such as adequate amounts of exercise and appropriate supplementation.

The good news is that these dietary and lifestyle choices are also protective against other cancers and chronic diseases, such as heart disease. Enjoy the upcoming fall harvest and incorporate prostate protective foods like pumpkins, squashes, sweet potatoes, and fresh cranberries into your meal plans!

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