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Dr. Fuhrman is often asked for his list of the best foods to eat—the foods that contain the most micronutrients, phytochemicals and other health-promoting compounds. The foods on his “best” list strongly protect against cancer, favor longevity, and are the foods that he believes everyone should include in their diet on a regular basis.

It is almost as challenging to take all the bad foods in the world and condense them down to the worst of the worst. Foods have the power to heal but also have the power to harm. Our leading causes of death, including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are primarily the result of the foods we eat. Dr. Fuhrman advises people to avoid the foods on his “worst” list entirely.

Over 25 million people in the United States have diabetes and it takes an enormous toll on the health of our population. The good news is that the devastating complications and premature deaths associated with diabetes can be prevented. The primary cause of the parallel increases in obesity and diabetes is the nutrient-depleted American diet. The worst foods for diabetes—the ones that elevate blood sugar, reduce insulin sensitivity and increase type 2 diabetes risk—are the foods that are most common in the standard American diet.

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