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AT&T Conference Center at the University of Texas at Austin—
September 7, 2013

600 attendees were inspired and motivated by Dr. Fuhrman as he delivered informative lectures, in his unique and energetic style, about the science behind the Nutritarian diet. A question and answer session and book signing completed the event.

Here's what attendees had to say . . .

"I have been a big fan and follower of Dr. Fuhrman for nearly 10 years. Seeing this presentation live was a big thrill for us. We learned several new things as the evolution of science marches on to help us all live a healthier life. I look forward to a long and healthy life free from disease and medications."

"Dr. Fuhrman is so funny and entertaining! I loved every minute of the day. I have read all of his books (most of them more than once), but I still took a notebook full of notes. Very helpful!"

"This was my first event with Dr. Fuhrman and I was thoroughly pleased. He is very passionate about his work and it has changed my life."

"Dr. Fuhrman did an excellent job providing information on the evidence and studies that back his program. I am confident that he is keeping up on the volumes of literature and putting this together in the most "healthful" eating style that we can currently follow. I have been looking for this type of assistance for a long time and am very pleased that I have found this. Thank you Dr. Fuhrman and keep up the good work."

"Was a wonderful, beautiful day...I am forever changed."


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