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  Dr. Fuhrman’s Red Mountain Spa Getaway
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"I had a great time hanging out with you and the gang for the week. I am looking forward to next time already."


"Thank God the country has at least one doctor like you."

"I really enjoyed being immersed in the Eat To Live program."

"Thank you for all the great advice, my heart and I truly appreciate it.."

"I am committed to permanently changing my diet for the rest of my life."

  "You have passed your enthusiasm to us totally. You have changed our lives and lengthened our good years giving us food for thought and health. Bravo!"  

"Wonderful to spend time with you, your family and students. Your message is inspiring and hopeful. Thanks for letting all of us share your knowledge, energy and enthusiasm."

"I loved the week, the lectures, the food, the hikes and the scenery. There is always something new to learn. Oh, I do like vegetable smoothies!" hiking1 "Thank you very much for showing us the correct way to live (Eat to Live). We are very happy that we attended the conference." hike

"I met so many great souls here."

"Now I feel educated and empowered!"

"It was a wonderful information filled week"



"Dr. Fuhrman’s patience and teaching style really helped me understand the reasons behind what we need to do."



"I am looking forward to putting everything I learned into practice."
"We have so many new friends because of you!!"



"Your teaching style really helped me understand what we need to do."




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Red Mountain

Red Mountain Spa Getaway Poster (pdf download)



"We learned so much. See you next year."


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