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The 2012 Holiday Challenge

Kick off the holidays with great health!

For many of us, the holidays are a wondrous time of celebration spent with friends and family, a time to relax and appreciate a year of hard work and the pleasure of good company. While we enjoy the days spent with our loved ones, we sometimes let ourselves go and fall into bad habits like unhealthy eating. This is precisely why my team and I created the Holiday Challenge: to support and empower you to live healthfully through the holiday season and to start the New Year off right.

Join the Holiday Challenge and spend the season eating great tasting, high nutrient holiday meals. Spread the message of good health and inspire others to accept the Challenge too! This is a wonderful experience to share with the people you love and whose good health you value. After all, what gift could be better than the gift of good health?

To kickstart your journey to superior health and to help support you throughout the Holiday Challenge, I am offering:

  • A free two-month gold membership* to our Member Support Center
  • A plethora of holiday recipes
  • A collection of video Nutri-Bites and blog articles with tips to help stay focused during the Holiday Challenge
  • Special support from my Nutritional Education Institute (NEI) faculty and medical team on medicine, nutrition and motivation
  • The opportunity to win an all-expense paid trip to my 2013 Annual Summer Health Getaway (location to be announced)

Designed to help you make the best nutritional choices in this difficult season, the Holiday Challenge will support you in your journey to achieving superior health and the best quality of life. Now is the right time to break the chains of food addiction and take charge of your health destiny.

I hope you enjoy this holiday gift to help spread the message of good health and healthy eating. Invite your family and friends to join you in the challenge!

To your health,

Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
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  • "[...] I discovered Dr. Fuhrman, his wonderful book, Eat to Live, and I jumped on-board the Holiday Challenge. [...] I now have more energy than I know what to do with. - Carrie
  • "I've dropped ten pounds over the holiday challenge, [...] Ten pounds lost over all that time is pretty satisfying! - Cindy
  • "Since starting the challenge I'm down 13 pounds, and I can run/walk intervals for 40min and do 1 hour spinning classes. [...] Thank you so much for starting this challenge, because it has given me the start that I needed, [...] - A

The Contest

Think you can go longer than the holiday challenge?

Submit your story by April 1, 2013 to be eligible to WIN an all-expense paid trip for 2 to Dr. Fuhrman's 2013 Annual Summer Health Getaway.

Cassie and Dave,
winners of last year’s
Holiday Challenge Contest.
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