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Product discounts for Dr. Fuhrman's online members

  • Log into the Member Center and click Members Shop/Discounts.
  • Select the product you would like to purchase and click Add to Cart.
  • Click the Green Checkout button to complete the order, or Continue Shopping button to go back to the Members Shop/Discounts page.
  • For non–discounted items, click the pink Shop button from the top navigation bar, then choose a category such as books, food, etc.
  • Again, add products to your shopping cart that you wish to purchase.
  • You can continue to go back and forth from the Members Shop/Discounts and the public Shop portion of the site as often as desired.
  • Note if you see a product on a public Shop page with a star burst that reads "Click for Member Discount"
    Member Discount Image
    You can simply click on that star burst to be taken to the Member's Shop/Discount page.

If you are still having difficulties,
please contact our Technical Support department using our contact form.

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