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Technical Support
 Customer & Technical Support

If you have any questions or comments regarding this website please contact our Technical Support department using our contact form. We try to respond to all inquiries and requests as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience given the volume of email which we receive.

Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions. You will find online tutorials to help you navigate digital downloads, the Member Center and the Member Center Forums. We also offer interactive Member Center Training webinars to help you get the most from your membership. Check the Member Center Welcome page to see when the next session is offered.

Member Center

The Member Center was and continues to be developed to help you be the most knowledgeable and successful "nutritarian" you can be. Inside you will find many useful tools such as the Member Discussion and Ask the Doctor forums, your own personal health manager to keep track of your progress, weekly menu plans and hundreds of gourmet recipes. In addition to the forums, you will also have access to a vast amount of scientific, medical, and nutritional information through the articles in the Members Library, Dr. Fuhrman's Healthy Times Newsletters, Member Teleconference and archived recordings.


Creating your Member Support Center Membership

Click on the blue Member Center tab above. Enter in the temporary username and password that was supplied/emailed to you after purchase. Next complete the registration page including creating a new username and password. Click Submit. Once submitted, you can log into the Member Center with your new username and password.


Member Center Tutorials


Trouble Logging Into the Member Center?

  • Make sure that your account is registered. Please, use the key codes that you received with your order for the Login page to create a your username and password.
  • Forgot your password, click here to have your password emailed to you. (The Forgot Password link is also found directly below the box where you normally log into the Member Center)
  • Is your billing current? Log ins to the Member Center are automatically deactivated if the credit card associated with the account has been declined or is not current. Please call us at 1-800-474-9355 to check your billing status.
  • Clearing cookies may resolve your login issues.
  • If you are still having problems, you can contact our Technical Support department using our contact form or by calling 1-800-474-WELL (9355)


Downloading PDFs

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required in order to view PDF files, such as the newsletters, event flyers and media kits. If you are having difficulties opening pdf files, please make sure that you have the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader - you can check by going to the above link.


Accessing your Eat to Live Vook

After purchasing your Eat to Live Vook, you will receive an email with a Promo Code which will allow you to access your Vook from the Vook Store. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Vook Store to access the sign in page.
  2. Click on the pink button with the price.
  3. Create an account using your email address (if you haven't already, this will only take a couple of seconds)
  4. Instead of entering payment info, click on the blue “Promo Code” link above the form.
  5. Enter the promo code from your email. You will be able to read Eat to Live immediately online.
  6. If you encounter any problems, email support@vook.com.

Return to the Vook Store anytime you wish to read your Eat to Live Vook, enter your account credentials and you'll find it in your Vook Library.

If you purchased a Vook prior to March 19, 2013, and are having trouble accessing your account, please contact the Vook Store directly at support@vook.com


Accessing your eBook

For eBooks purchased prior to February 2013:

(Note: these older eBooks are NOT compatible with iPhones/iPads)


For eBooks purchased between February 1, 2013 and April 8, 2015:

Be sure that the required eReader software for your device is installed before you download your eBook.

  1. Use the links below to download and install the appropriate eReader software for your device if one is not already installed:
    • PC or Mac: Adobe Digital Editions (note: this is NOT Adobe Reader)
    • iOS device (iPad, iPod, iPhone): Bluefire Reader
    • Android device: Aldiko or any other reader that supports Adobe DRM
    • eReader device (Nook, Sony Reader, etc): doesn’t require software, but, the device must be able to support Adobe DRM and the ePub format (consult your device’s manual to confirm). You will need to download your eBook to a PC or Mac first and use Adobe Digital Editions to transfer it to your eReader (consult your device’s manual for additional instructions on how to transfer your downloaded eBook from your computer to your device)
  2. Once you’ve installed the appropriate software, come back to “My eLibrary” (you can use the green “My eLibrary” link that appears on the right side of any shop page) and click on the eBook’s image above to initiate the download of that eBook.
  3. Open the downloaded eBook in your chosen eReader software.
  4. Enter your Adobe ID when prompted. If you don’t have an Adobe ID you will need to create one.
    • What is an Adobe ID? An Adobe ID is a free and non-intrusive way of verifying your eBook license. You need only provide a name, country, and valid e-mail address.
    • You can create your Adobe ID when prompted or go directly to the Adobe ID page on Adobe’s website and click on the “Don’t have an Adobe ID?” link. Follow the instructions for creating your Adobe ID.
    • Once you’ve received a confirmation email from Adobe and confirmed your email address, return to your eReader software and enter the Adobe ID and password you created.
    • You may view a list of FAQs on Adobe’s website for more information about Adobe IDs and Adobe Digital Editions.
  5. Once you’ve downloaded your eBook and opened it in an eReader you will not need to come back to this page to access your book unless you wish to download it to another device.

Downloading your eBook to multiple devices: You may download your eBook to up to six devices (laptop, iPad, smart phone, etc) using the same Adobe ID. Devices may be deauthorized in the event that you get a new device. If you reach the limit, contact Adobe Customer Service to reset your activations.

Transferring your downloaded eBook to an eReader device (Nook, Sony Reader, etc): Once you’ve downloaded your eBook, opened it with Adobe Digital Editions on your PC or Mac and entered your Adobe ID, you should be able to transfer it to your eReader device by connecting the device to your computer, then right-clicking on the eBook thumbnail in Adobe Digital Edition’s library view and selecting “download to device.” Consult your device’s manual for additional instructions.


Orders and Shipping   Product Information

Product discounts for Dr. Fuhrman's online members

  1. Log into the Member Center and click 'Product Savings/Discounts.'
  2. Load your shopping cart with the discounted products offered.
  3. For non–discounted items, click the Shop tab and navigate to a product category, like books, food, etc.
  4. Again, load your shopping cart with your choice of items.
  5. You can continue to go back and forth from the Member Center to the public portion of the site as often as desired while loading your cart.
Contact our Orders department using our contact form or by calling 800-474-9355 or 908-237-2195
  Questions about our products

If you need further information on our products, you can contact the Sales and Marketing Product Information department using our contact form or by call 800-474-9355.


General Information

To contact any of our departments by email, or obtain phone numbers, mailing address, or driving directions visit our contact page.

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