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What patients and clients are saying about Dr. Fuhrman

What patients and clients are saying about Dr. Fuhrman
"Dr. Fuhrman’s coaching has been indispensable to me and is the reason I lost 80 pounds with ease. He is a medical doctor, nutritional expert, health and food chef, and world-class motivational coach wrapped up in one."

-- Sarah, New Jersey


"My father died of a heart attack at a young age and I had my first heart attack in my thirties, too. When I was told my life was seriously at risk, I couldn’t trust myself to fail again. I called Dr. Fuhrman.
From our first conversation, I knew I had found my answer. Dr. Fuhrman offered the healthiest and most effective cardiac reversal and weight loss program there is, and guidance and support from himself. He saved my life.

-– Stuart, Illinois


"Dr. Fuhrman’s extensive knowledge of both nutritional/natural medicine and conventional medicine makes him the only one I would ever call on for health guidance and coaching.
He has guided me through some critical times …"

-- Jan, Connecticut


"… I need to trust my physician implicitly. I depend on Dr. Fuhrman for my life’s most critical decisions. I receive health guidance from the finest nutritional physician in the world. He is always only one phone call away."

-–Joseph, Italy

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