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Motivational Outreach Program

Nutritional Guidance & Emotional Support for Food Addiction

MOP sessions can provide you with nutritional guidance coupled with support for emotional eating and/or any other form of food addiction from a certified counselor.

Traditional diets ignore food addiction, which contributes to their failure. Our MOP counselors understand that recognizing and overcoming food addiction is critical to long-term weight-loss success. Although food addiction can feel like a difficult obstacle to overcome, our certified counselors provide the information, education, tools, resources, and support to ensure your success.

To best meet your needs, we offer two plans, Tier One and Tier Two, outlined below. Sessions are always private, one-on-one, and completely confidential.

Tier One

Confidential, personalized attention from your MOP counselor including:

  • A 30-minute initial assessment with your certified counselor. Sessions can be conducted in-person, over the phone or via Skype(TM)
  • A weekly 20-minute phone call with your counselor*
  • Email exchanges with your counselor including educational, motivational, and supportive emails from your counselor
  • Continual tracking of your health and emotional status
  • Complimentary Platinum Membership to Dr. Fuhrman's Member Center, which will continue as long as you are in MOP
  • Access to MOP Connect, a private, MOP clients-only discussion, where you can connect with other MOP clients and share your individual journeys together
  • Dr. Fuhrman's Nutritarian Planner and Journal
Tier Two

This plan is designed to reinforce and provide increased guidance and support after a patient visit with one of Dr. Fuhrman’s Medical Associates.*

  • Two 20-minute private sessions with a counselor. Sessions can be conducted in-person, over the phone or via Skype(TM)**
  • Educational, motivational, and supportive emails from your counselor
  • One-month of complimentary Platinum Membership to Dr. Fuhrman's Member Center‡
  • Dr. Fuhrman's Nutritarian Planner and Journal

*Excludes holidays, weekends, and counselor’s time off.
**Appointments must be scheduled within a 2-month period after the Consultation with a Physician.
‡For new patients, begins after your 2-month complimentary Platinum Membership
that was received as part of your Consultation with a Physician.

Please call the medical office at (908) 237-0200 to schedule your appointment.

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Motivational Outreach Program

Patient Testimonials

“From the very first phone call when my counselor said to me, ‘starting right now, you are 100% a nutritarian,’ her expectations of me have been high. She refused to ever lower the bar, and there was no room at all for excuses.

I realized right away that she cared as much about my health as I did. I've never known anyone to be as passionate about another person's health as she is.

For the past six months, she encouraged me, she educated me, shared with me her own reasons for wanting optimal health, and she inspired me.

I am now 55 pounds lighter than I was six months ago. My waist is eight inches smaller. I have knowledge and skills that I didn't have six months ago to help me defeat the food addiction monster.”

–Kathleen C.

“I am so impressed with my MOP counselor’s understanding of the many facets of food addiction and emotional eating. She has been instrumental in guiding me towards making healthy choices to nourish my mind, body and soul.”