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Question: How much do genetics account one's likelihood of developing some disease such as heart disease? If so, how can one lower their risk?

Answer: We all have different genetic weaknesses. We all have various susceptibilities to various diseases. However, if the question is—is it possible to prevent disease among individuals who are highly susceptible? The answer is yes. Nutrition is such a powerful regulator of disease incidence that when an optimal diet is consumed through much of life, genetics will have little effect on contributing to the appearance of the common causes of death, such as heart disease, we see in our society today.

Family history is almost meaningless when individuals utilize superior nutrition to avoid the nutritional causes of heart disease, diabetes and other common chronic illnesses. What is not meaningless is risk factor reduction with a high-nutrient diet and healthful lifestyle behaviors. When we look at people living a lifetime on healthy, natural vegetable and fruit predominant diets, none of them get heart attacks, period. Family history only matters when you follow the same disease-causing diet-style that your family did. Luckily we have learned the way to avoid these illnesses.

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